Create a Perfect Profile For Gay Dating Sites


Unfortunately, we will not show you a profile example. Last time we did, many people copy pasted on their accounts ON THE SAME SITES that we recommended. Consequently, members of those sites started being careful of any profile that might look suspicious.

What we will offer you however is a list of rules and advice that will help you build your dating profile. Follow carefully those rules:

Rule #1 – Your picture presents 80% of your seduction game

It is him, and him only who will decide whether to have a sex date with you or not. But, you can increase your chances but enhancing your profile so members visit it at a High rate. You should understand that your PROFILE PICTURE as well as all the other photos that you decide to share plays a very important role. It is your photo album and profile picture that show the members your beauty and sexiness and will lead them to contact you.

The profile picture you choose should not be showing your face only. Among the 50 guys we interviewed, 44 of them mentioned that they do eliminate the members with only pictures of their faces.

They believe body pictures are crucial. They also said that they do not even bother looking at profiles with no pictures.

The lesson to learn? A picture of you, showing your face and especially your body is a necessity. You don’t want to end up with someone that you don’t know how he looks like. (REPEAT AFTER ME: I will NEVER have sex with a guy that I never saw)

Thus, the best way to pass the first step of analyzing the profile is to show quality pictures of yourself, showing your face AND body. Smile in your pictures. The picture quality is very important too. Having the right resolution can make miracles with your pictures.

QUICK NOTE: You don’t need to be Brad Pitt to find your men online.

Gay dating website usually allow you to publish many photos of yourself. Make sure to pick the pictures taken in funny situations, or pictures where you look happy. Photos are you during an specific activities work the most. For example, pictures of you doing windsurfing or any kind of sports from hiking to biking will présent you as a spontaneous guy, full of adventures, and people LOVE this. That will guarantee you the spiciest gay encounters with the hottest guys.

Rule #2 – Your Profile is NOT about You

A common error is that guys reveal so much information when they create their profile pages. 85% of the men we interviewed take into consideration the following criteria while looking for a potential sex date:

  • Looks: Where the face, the arms & shoulders and the chest are well shaped.
  • Confident: Funny & entertaining – confident from the first discussion. Avoid all boring conversations about work and other uninteresting topics.
  • Humor: Make him laugh all night
  • Mysterious: He can tell you to be honest with him, but make sure to leave the stuff that you know he is curious to know about, to yourself.

Your profile is NOT ABOUT YOU NOR ABOUT WHO YOU ARE. It is about the PERSON HE WANTS YOU TO BE FOR THE NIGHT. You need to create a profile page that will make him addicted to it, and very excited and eager to meet you.

Dating Sites Guide for Gays and Lesbians :