Gay Personal Ads – Concepts of Seduction

You have to play the numbers’ game to get gay sex dates. The more men you contact, the more your chances increase in getting your gay sexual encounter. I know it sucks. Yet it is necessary. No one likes doing it, but it has to be done for the sake of your success.

There is a guide prepared for you to show you how you could respect the guys you are getting in touch with via online dating websites. The optimal number of lines you need to use when you contact a man is about 4 to 5. Your message should be short, fun and straightforward, about one of his photos.

Anyone could use a fake message that he would keep repeating and copy pasting to everyone. Good-looking guys receive many private messages on the different sites, and thus your message should look appealing and very spécial. Write something specific and meaningful. You will be awarded MUCH FASTER!

In general, avoid any long boring, never-ending introductions. When you receive one, would you even bother Reading it? I DON’T THINK SO! Simple is beautiful. Don’t include any of your past expériences in the introduction. Writing things just for the purpose of writing to exceed those 4 lines garantees you ZERO RESPONE

Also, sending many messages to one guy is a HUGE mistake! NEVER DO IT! You shouldn’t stalk. It is easy, if he didn’t answer your first message, fuck it, get over it and keep going 😉

Once a guy answers you, you should drag him right away to this phase of discussion. You should also try to have a chat with him as soon as possible so you would be able to maintain this High level of common interest. Many dating sites offer now the instantaneous messenging option. And using it is not only important, but also KEY!

Sending private messages via the website becomes boring very quickly; and once a guy gets bored, you will see him taking his distances and disappear as fast as he can.

The faster you are able to get him to have an instantaneous chat with you; higher are the chances of you getting your gay dating plan. Learn to have a light and entertaining conversation. Make sure you add some humor to it. Smile once in a while, without acting like a complete fool.

It takes usually 2 to 3 hours of chatting with a guy for him to accept meeting, but that again, that doesn’t mean it is guaranteed.

There are also other chatting Tools people use to chat. Remember: keep joker cards in your hand when you begin a conversation. By jokers, I mean stories, facts and pictures about you that you did not share on your profile. A good joker might also be a couple of cute videos you find on Youtube such as :

Maintain a fun, light and entertaining even after having planned the first date.

Dating Sites Guide for Gays and Lesbians :