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When you ask a men for a date the first time, make sure that it doesn’t happen in A RESTAURANT. Dinner requires an engagement of at many hours. How many idiots would want to have a long date, especially when it is with someone that they do not know and have never seen. A date at a restaurant is too much for a first date. Your first choice should be to meet him in a relaxing place that doesn’t require long commitment from

Generally, lounges are a good pick. ALWAYS plan your date around 7 :45pm. Usually at this time, lounges are kind of empty, music is not too loud, and couches are just ready for you two to get comfortable and cozy instead of holding your glasses and standing up. This will create a positive atmosphere that will be boosted by your choice of the write words that will turn your man on. When you pick a place, make sure that the lounge offers some kind of Tapas or food in case one of you is hungry. You Better be on the safe side and take into consideration all the risks, don’t you think?

Don’t look like an alcoholic or a party animal when on a date. Your date is not a fucking party!!! If he drinks, do offer him another glass. If he says no, do not insist. Also, never offer him hard alcohol unless he asks for it, or in case it is ” on the house “. Ask him if he would like to eat something, ask him how his day was, and why it went good/bad.

You should have INTERESTING CONVERSATIONS when you are at a date. Avoid the boring stories – you are not here to complain about your life miseries but to have fun! Forget work and everything related to it. Forget your tensions with your neighbor and HAVE FUN! Always have an exit line if ever the talk starts involving work and other. I know we said this many times but: MAKE HIM LAUGH because a GOOD TIME = A SEX DATE.

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