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AdultFriendFinder works very well for gay encounters. What we really enjoyed on is that you also have access to the heterosexual database. While it’s not our specialty to flirt with a man that desperately loves women, we realized that there are a lot of heterosexual men that doubted their own sexual orientation. Some of them are even ready to try out a gay one night stand to confirm their suspicions and have the absolute truth about their sexual orientation. Since we love to spread our love and convert heterosexuals to homosexuals, we’ve set up meetings with them.

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You can’t go wrong with Adult FriendFinder. The number of gay men is a little lower than The number of gay men is a little lower than SexSearch or OutPersonals, but it remains a very efficient tool for gay hook-ups. The men are beautiful, the hook-ups are intense, and what more to ask when you can get a little first timer.

Men on this site have a lot of success and, on top of that, most of them are married and are looking to cheat on their wives with another man. Be the object of their desire!

Here are the AdultFriendFinder statistics. We have to admit that these statistics are quite impressive, which explains why has such a high position in our Gay Dating Sites 2012 ranking.

Adult Friend Finder Statistics



General Website Rating



Very good

First Contact

111 sent messages

Answered Messages

77 serious answers

Total Encounters

35 meetings

One night stands

26 hook-ups

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