Cybermen Review
In order to have gay encounters, we subscribed to CyberMen. Here’s the detailed analysis of our test. is a powerful online chatting tool for gays. HOWEVER, it’s a shame that none of the guys is in the same country as you. So unless you’ve entered a religious covenant, it’s is not on this dating site that you’ll find gays with whom you can indulge in pleasures of the flesh or share a romantic relationship. Once again, Cyber Men isn’t worth a damn. Why would you want to get to know men in other countries? To meet them once? If you ever decide to travel one day? Not worth it. Traveling is expensive, it’s not a free encounter. The price you pay for that one encounter will make it a very expensive fee. You can meet men in your area for much less.

That being said, we consider CyberMen to be a scam. This site gives you FALSE HOPES without fulfilling any of your needs. We would rather redirect towards another online gay chat tool: OutPersonals, which we strongly recommend. You’ll have better luck at finding gays in your area. Still, here are our CyberMen statistics. Statistics



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Too many ads

First Contact

55 sent messages

Answered Messages

40 serious answers

Total Encounters

2 meetings

One night stands

1 hook-ups

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