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GayDating is a 100% free gay encounters site. However, it seems that the 100% free subscription fee also comes with the fact that is 100% empty. Their powerful geolocation tool shows the same members in several cities. It’s not very practical if you think about it. You find a cute single and when you click on him, you’re redirected to the search page. Where’s that cute single you just spotted? No one really knows. Those awful marketing techniques are a scam! We would’ve liked to ask for a refund, but we couldn’t since the subscription was 100% free. GayDating isn’t up to par, not at all. We justifiably rate it as a 1 out of 10. Who knows though, maybe in 10 years this site will be full of cheap bastards since it’s free. Honestly, Gay Dating isn’t worth a dime (literally) compared to SexSearch. On that gay site, you can at least find your hook-up for sure! We’ll leave you with the statistics of analysis. Statistics



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