Proximeety Review
Proximeety is a flop when it comes to gay encounters. The men on this website are vulgar and have no moral values or whatsoever. They treat you like crap without considering any of your needs or expectations. There’s really no difference between hooking up with an animal or the guys on Proximeety. It’s not that we don’t like to be taken from behind and get our ass slapped, but with those guys, it’s quite unpleasant. If what you really want to find is a sexual encounter, then use SexSearch. If you like BSDM encounters then go for the Alt dating site. But if you have some self-respect, DO NOT use Proximeety.

Here are the statistics of our Proximeety analysis. The statistics are good, but the encounters are CRAP. These guys are unscrupulous, real assholes.

Proximeety Statistics



General Website Rating




First Contact

75 sent messages

Answered Messages

50 serious answers

Total Encounters

30 meetings

One night stands

5 hook-ups

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