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SexSearch is one of the BEST gay dating sites on the Internet. We’ve tested it over several months and talked to some people who tested it as well.

One of the best things of sites like is that no one trying to pretend that they’re *really* not there for a gay hook-up. The main goal with Sex Search is to play hard. There are lots of guys on this site and they want some action!

The key to success on SexSearch is to be VERY direct without being too vulgar. Men are looking for someone who knows what they want but that also have self-respect. They’ll never want to be approached by a vulgar and classless person. Be polite and confident, it will pay off.

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However, it’s an ONLINE ENCOUNTER – WHERE YOU BECOME WHOEVER YOU DREAM OF BEING. No hot guy wants to KNOW about your day as an accountant at work. Sorry for being rude with you, but that’s not interesting to anyone.

When you’re trying to set up encounters in an environment like SexSearch, you MUST be conscious of the fact that you can’t simply browse around and find the “Hi there, wanna fuck?” type of hook-ups. That’d be utopic. What most people don’t understand about “dating sites” is that IT IS NOT an “orgy where everyone fucks everyone”. What dating sites really are is a haven where men are GENERALLY MORE OPEN on adult dating sites than regular dating sites.

One of our regular visitors has joined SexSearch and spent four weeks on this site without success. He sent us a hateful e-mail about SexSearch being a complete scam. We replied to him after going through his profile on this adult encounters website. We found out what the problem was… HIS MISTAKE was that he chose to upload a profile picture of himself while he was having a BSDM night (with the leather mask and the whole package). Moreover, the first few lines of his personal description included the following: “Ready to get whipped and tied down like a real whore.”

What can your average sane man answer to that? Even we had some chills with his profile.

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YOU DO NOT WANT to be like this guy when you join a website like SexSearch. You want to be part of the 10% that are clearly interested in regular sex, the one that actually receives tons of requests and offers from online adult dating sites – and that proceeds with – and that proceeds with style & class.

Maintain your chats with other SexSearch members in a clean and direct manner. You are attractive, it’s not a secret since you’re subscribed on this website.

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