Gay Sexual Encounters 101 – Basic Concepts

This part is dedicated for the people who need to explore the step-by-step procedure to have gay dates. If you don’t think you need this part, you can go to the next one; but before, let’s clarify a couple of rules. You will HAVE TO follow all the steps, in the order given, to be able to have SUCCESSFUL gay sex dates.

By Reading our gay dating sites reviews, you will have a complete free access to our huge database that contains analysis and statistics about the success ratio of sexual gay encounters and sex dates.

Those excellent numbers we got are due to the fear of those men to come out of the closet and be themselves. You might think that this fear has its disadvantages, but it is not really the case. Why? Simply because those people will express themselves on the online gay dating sites. You will notice how direct they are by understanding their intentions and directly knowing what they are seeking. These single gay men are looking for a sex date with another man, with NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

What was just said doesn’t mean that all men you will meet on those gay sites would want to have a date with you. You have to put a minimum of effort. Once you do, you can make sure that they would love to meet you. It is easy and very simple.

Keep in mind that if he shows a motivation in meeting you, that won’t guarantee a sexual encounter since date 1. The dates are the first steps of your fantastic journey, and you will have to work your charm and show the man you are meeting that you can fulfill his fantasies and be his boy-toy in bed, just the way he likes it.

And this is exactly why having a gay sex date is a pure excitement, entertainment, and erotic fantasy. What are you going to be bringing to the table is MUCH MORE than just your penis. You will have to be an amusing distraction for the men you will be meeting.

REMEMBER: You will often meet horny men seeking a good sexy time. However, you should always make sure that your gay date is ENTERTAINING, ALWAYS!

Therefore, there are a couple of realities you need to know and fully understand:

The appearance is always IMPORTANT. Most of us are attracted to the big muscled guys with 6 pack abs. No one wishes to have a sexual encounter with a guy that fantasizes about feet. You will have lots of hard time looking for gay sex dates if you don’t take care of your appearance and look good. No one, even straight guys, would want to fuck someone that doesn’t meet the minimum appearance standards. I know that it is ridiculous to think only about the physical looks, but hey, that is the World we live in, and if you want to succeed, you will have to go with the flow.

If you don’t make your date laugh, be sure that you will not get ANYTHING. Imagine you are meeting someone that is not interesting and doesn’t make you smile or laugh, not sure you would want to waste time and efforts with him, no one would. A crucial part of the fantasy is to share interesting stories, laugh, and have a good time. Who would want to hear boring stuff before having a one-night stand with someone! NOONE!

Sharing the deep secrets and confidences of your life are the biggest TURN OFF. If a man is seeking a sex date, he would want to find a guy who would entertain him, not a crazy person with many life problems. Be modest, be interesting, and he will find you very attractive. Forget about your bank accounts, your car expenses when you are on a date. Instead, talk about the good stuff that make a conversation exciting, surprising and erotic (For example: I joined the army in Afghanistan, I wanted to help, I love volunteering etc)

HONESTY ALWAYS WINS OVER LYING! Many people can know you are lying before you ever know it. Also, adding a profile picture of you at a younger age when you were slimmer and had a better shape will ban you right away for the selection process. Sorry!

With that advice above, we wish you pleasant and passionate gay sex dates.

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